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New Home

new home: kilcher04.net

see ya there!



After 10 thousand years of not posting here, I'm back. Hehe. Kunyari lang, kasi nagwiwirdo na naman yung orgfree at parang sinira niya yung wordpress database namin. Buset. Buset talaga.

Anyhoo, things will change in the near future and unti-unti-unti pa lang akong tinatamaan. I can't help but think ahead (and that is contrary to what I've been preaching so far na take each day at a time). Sobrang na-overwhelm ako. As in.

Feeling ko ewan ko, di ko na alam pakiramdam ko. It's a scary world out there. Hay.


Matagal pa naman November di ba?

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10000 Pogi Points Jam Sessions


The ERG guys (of a time not too long ago) will be performing in Jam 88.3's Jam Sessions on January 22, 2006 at 7 in the evening.

Dizizit you guys!

Good luck Kuya Marc! Woohoo!

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The Grinch Mode OFF

Meri Mismas everybody! :D


Server Down

well, orgfree's nowhere to be found now and so's my blog. Kaya I'm back here in Tabulas.

Been feeling whoozy these past days. I dunno what to think of and I dunno how to act. Ang mga unos nga naman, walang pakundangan kung dumating. Sabay-sabay pa. Tsk tsk.


Congrats Melly!

GOLD - Women's Individual Epee.

Go Quesci, Go UP Fencing, Go Philippines!


ece boards, the doomsday

RESULTS hosted by Inq7.net.

Sad to say that this but 27 out of 31 passed. Well, there goes the tradition of UP for getting the 100% passing rate. It's gone, gone, gone.

Congrats to my friends who passed the board, especially to the Batang RF Cage Celmates and to my UP ERG brethren.


Engr Baltazar, Marvin

Engr Cabrera, Ann Bernadette

Engr Dasco, Leoneil

Engr De Belen, Eliza

Engr Lopez, Aristotle

Engr Manarang, Genesis

Engr Olegario, Lea

Engr Rempillo, Erol

Engr Francisco, Jonathan


Di ko sila kilala lahat eh. Basta apat ang di pumasa, 2 Ckt, isang ayaw angkinin ng mga taga-CEL at isang taga-ERG. Ang sad :(